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Shimoni, Watamu, Lamu

Deep Sea Fishing

Kenya holds incredible opportunities for fisherman. From deep sea sports fishing, looking for marlin, tuna and sailfish to exceptional fresh water and ocean fly fishing. Goliath tiger and large nile perch, two very sought after species, also live in the African waters.

Sailfish is the fastest billfish on the planet, with speeds that compare to the fastest land animal — cheetah. In close second for top speeds are swordfish. Marlins, though, are the largest of the billfish and much-desired by anglers because of the ferocious fight these aquatic monsters put up when hooked. Billfish are only some of the massive marine species that roam the waters.

For the utmost sports fishing holiday, Kenya is a prime destination that hosts ILTTA World Championships and other competitive fishing events in Watamu, Malindi Lamu, Kilifi and Mombasa. In addition to billfish, the waters off the coast of Kenya offer deep sea fishing for yellowfin tuna, barracuda, kingfish, giant trevally and dorado..


is a port village and tourist destination in southeastern Kenya near the border with Tanzania and directly across from Wasini Island.
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is known for Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve, which has 3 bays: Watamu, Blue Lagoon and Turtle.
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is a small town on Lamu Island, which in turn is a part of the Lamu Archipelago in Kenya.
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